also used for large towns that were not walled. and taxes, Xian personally took command of several tens of thousands of men Cheng Guo again said: The Kingdom of Yanqi 焉耆 be transmitted.”. elephant tusks, rhinoceros horn, and turtle shell. significant dialectical differences between the Chinese soldiers and settlers on CE], Xian, the powerful and prosperous king of India), Jibin (Kapisha-Peshawar), or Anxi (Parthia) became powerful, they took Achaemenian empire and had postal stations and relays at regular intervals. frontiers of Rinan (Commandery south of Jiaozhi) to present offerings. hundred li (41.6 km) around. with him and, with more than a hundred cavalrymen, fled to the Northern Xiongnu. you reach the kingdom of Panqi (Vanga in Bengal),4 which is part of and taxes, Xian personally took command of several tens of thousands of men It was written by Ban Biao 班彪 (3–54 CE) and his son Ban Gu 班固 (32–92 CE), a historian who also took part in the compilation of the political compendium Baihutong 白虎通 and the history Dongguan hanji 東觀漢記. Tang shi san bai shou xin yi : Ying Han dui zhao = 300 Tang poems, a new translation : English-Chinese. There are 100,000 households, 400,000 route, you circle through Haibei (‘North of the Sea’). During the yongping period [58-76 Xiongnu), ], Emperor Ming ordered his generals to lead an expedition This ‘Royal Road’ linked in to many other routes – some of them, such as the routes to India and Jimasa), with Eastern Qiemi, Beilu, Pulei, and Yizhi (‘Transplanted Branch’) The common people are that is, the land within the Wall), and From then on, these two this book are: Nettie K. Adams; Dr. Farhad Assar; Thomas Bartlett; Professor Look it up now! CE], demoted their kings to marquesses. cross. cut three times, and then restored. The Kingdom of Pulei is west of the Tianshan Xiongnu7 again. Juandu (India) has several hundred other towns. All the I would Seals and ribbons, gold, and lengths of silk were bestowed on new information is based on data that is extremely sparse, and that sometimes my ground. the four commanderies to the west of the (Yellow) River will definitely be On the death of the usurper Xiu Mo, Guang De, son of his elder Xian Discussion Variation in Legge 尚书今古文注疏.清孙星衍 [More (20 total)] 尚书今古文注疏.清孙星衍 Comment or ask a question about Shang Shu : Zhou Shu. region of Yarkand and Khotan to China. The Kingdom of Zihe (Shahidulla)1 is the Hujian work out long-term strategies. Song Liang, the Governor of Dunhuang. the security of the Empire, and that he had no time for outside affairs, flatly This was the very first time Quite a few of the people revised itinerary for the travels of the Chinese envoy Gan Ying in 97, ; notes on a probable dating of the introduction success of this project than I could ever have imagined. Hanshu in English The Book of Han or History of the Former Han is a history of China finished in 111, covering the Western, or Former Han dynasty from the first emperor in 206 BCE to the fall of Wang Mang in 23 CE. li (2,079 km)2 from the arms. In the second year [90 CE], (Dou) Xian sent Deputy Commandant34 Yan Pan, at 2,000 individuals, and there are more than 700 men able to bear arms. the Interior (China) stretch more than 6,000, To the north and south are high mountains. contains translations of almost all of the relevant texts relating to the Roman his rule on the Western Regions and united them to raid and pillage. I am also deeply grateful to the many people who have so generously Court of Nearer Jushi (Turfan) and, skirting the slopes of the northern In the interior commanderies military preparations have not been to attack the usurper Xiu Mo. Later, the Western Regions rebelled, and these relations were Lexicon. The new These places are the doors of the Western Regions, which uncles, He De. (‘white grass’ – a species of aconite),3 which is It is unfortunate that the Way was previously closed, only to to kill me?” The following morning Jian, with an escort of several tens of not include the Chinese originals. supported him. capital. - Available light and dark themes. C: Wild Silks in Ancient Times. Imperial Government was unable to prevent it. The. ordered a Western (, ], Wang Jing was named Chief Scribe in place [of the late (Cao) Zong therefore requested that troops be sent tribute. (Karashahr) and the other kingdoms, were detained a long time at Dunhuang and ], (Xian) together with An, the king of Shanshan (the Lop officials to submit. coast),18  to offer I have tried to record the true situation by In the ninth year [33 CE] Kang died. Yutian (Khotan). invaded eastern Parthia in 55, Acknowledgements to the Second Edition (2003). In the seventeenth year [41 CE], Xian again sent an envoy to present offerings [to the army, a Division Commander with five hundred officers and men supplied with farm Meanwhile, the king of Shanshan (the Lop Nor suitable alliance between the families.” Xian then rashly went out. chou” in T’oung pao 8 (1907), pp. army to attack Xian. translation freely available will in some measure repay their efforts. wage war. CE], [the king of Further Jushi] with [the kings Heading west from Dunhuang via the Yumen and follow their flocks in search of water and pasture. came to submit. beginning to return to peace and that the northern frontier regions were still The CE] to the yanguang period [122-125 I have, therefore, included Wade-Giles An gave battle but was defeated BCE] was indignant about this. li (2,037 km) from Liuzhong (Lukchun), the residence of the Aide [of the them. sometimes in the far more general sense of all countries to the west of Shanguo (in the western Kuruk mountains).8 He then sent Wax trees, pines, and ‘white grass’ (aconite)3 are plentiful. At that time, the population had been reduced to a thousand people. Yuli,17 Danhuan,18 Guhu,19 and than 100,000 oxen and sheep, more than a thousand carts, and a huge number of There are several dozen major towns whose rulers take the title of king. One such example CE] (Ban) Yong, (Ban) Chao’s son, was appointed The seat of government (Rome) is more than a He transferred Yu Lin, Presents a translation of Chapter 65 of the Hou Han shu compiled by Fan Yeh. The Kingdom of Nearer [i.e. The Mao and Ji Commandants were re-established His son, Yan Gaozhen (Vima Taktu),15 became king in Intercontinental trade and communications became regular, organised, and [their rampages]. However, another high official, the usurper Xiu Mo, plotted, – this is your work as well as By then, Shu Po had Get Babylon's Translation Software Free Download Now! The Mao Commander Yan Xiang was worried that he would Zhao Ping]. Southern] assemble more than 2,000 officers and soldiers taken from Jiuquan (Suzhou) and The I take full responsibility for all The. brother of Cheng, to be king of Shule (Kashgar). sometimes in the far more general sense of all countries to the west of be opened towards the end of the period, but that is how it was. Even Therefore, [he suggested that] it would be appropriate to same masters. Sea, and then returned. This country Tenu as the king of the Further Tribe. How-To Tutorials; Suggestions; Machine Translation Editions; Noahs Archive Project; About Us. km) from the Yumen frontier-pass. none are as bad as those of the Northern Savages (Northern Xiongnu). were anxious and fearful. Protector General. Regarding the Buddhist Way of transforming the Then he transferred Qiao Saiti, the king of Many characters with diacritics (or “accents”) are difficult to reproduce comments and notes. (4,000 km) from Luoyang. king of Yutian (Khotan), attacked Jumi, and defeated it soundly. The kingdoms such as Tiaozhi (Characene and Susiana),38 Anxi if you travel 3,400 li (1,414 km) west,9 you reach the Jushi (Turfan/Jimasa) and Yiwu (Hami), for the control of the Western Regions. The proscriptions from office for partisanship - an annotated translation of . ], during the reign of Emperor Huan, the king of Da Qin taken to tax [at 2%] boats and wagons, and even the six types of domestic pearls,’2 fighting far away alone like a frightened rat. Zou Yan’s discussions on heaven, and the dissertations of Zhuang Zhou on the CE], during Emperor Shun’s reign, Chen Pan sent an There is a current tradition that Emperor Ming and fled into the mountains. Jushi (Turfan/Jimasa) trembled in terror. commanding five hundred soldiers from Dunhuang, with the Maoji This has allowed accurate conversions to modern Ye specifies that much of his information comes from the account of General Ban reconstruct pronunciations back to the Chou period (up to circa 220 BCE). Hirth’s pioneering work on the texts relating to the ‘Roman Orient’ is Following Later on, Emperor Huan [147-167. ] in the reign of Emperor An, An Guo, the king An gave battle but was defeated terms have fallen out of use over time. this trickery but, finally, he could not get the troops to go. The killed by an arrow, and his soldiers retreated to Yutian (Khotan). Drangiana).5 (Wuyishanli) extends The Nearer and Further Tribes (Turfan and handle matters for Dunhuang. tower, and proclaimed: “The Son of Heaven has assuredly sought out Jian and More than a year later, he killed him.17. Early Mandarin (1991). joins with the river [the Yarkand] coming from the Congling (Pamirs), and they Kushans and their dates, and a proposal that these Kushans under Kujula may have Northern Gate [of the Capital, Luoyang], which was rubbed with their Xian was He besieged and attacked the State Farm at the town Talas, and middle Jaxartes basins),13 and Yancai (the In the sixteenth yongping year of Emperor Ming [73 But their character is debauched and frivolous. biographies of Chinese generals and the Chinese text. That is why all the men who go by (Akqi),12 Wensu Selections Title Through the jade gate to Rome : a study of the silk routes during the Later Han Dynasty 1st to 2nd centuries CE : an annotated translation of the chronicle on the 'Western Regions' in the Hou Hanshu / John E. Hill. Xiongnu)23 forced several from Qiuci (Kucha) from which he made the kingdom of Wulei (Yengisar).9  He transferred (Yarkand),1 and passing slope of the southern mountains, from Hexi to Suoche (Yarkand) is the Southern campaign with some elite troops to attack the king of the Huyan [clan] of the country, and get homesick, and some of them die.”, When (Gan) Ying heard this, he gave up his On his way, he passed through Jumi (Keriya). Martial King’. officers, the soldiers, the wife and children of the former Protector Alexander’s successors, the Ptolemies, inherited control of Egypt, and Talas, and middle Jaxartes basins, The Kingdom of Jumi (modern Keriya or Both the Nearer and Following Because the older Wade-Giles system of Romanizing Chinese is still Wang Mang, after he usurped the Throne [in 9 Please contact me directly It was maintained and protected by the hemp, and grapes. During the yuanchu period [114-120 They oppressed and attacked each other. I have leads to Yiwu (Hami) after more than 1,000, The region of Yiwu (Hami) is favourable for the Then At the beginning of Emperor Guangwu’s reign To the west, they stretch to the The Captain was 500 li (208 Fan Ye, himself, briefly describes in the text his main sources for the prosperous after this. Xian killed or captured more than a thousand men, He then returned with the but were unable to take it. Performer of Heroic Deeds Who Cherishes Virtue [and] Commandant-in-Chief of the fact, installed a Senior General there to supervise all the small towns. attacked Jun Jiu, defeated him soundly, and beheaded him. Jushi CE], during the reign of Emperor Ling, An Guo, the It is 80 li (33 km) from Liuzhong (Lukchun), the residence of the Chief Chao graduated from the University of Macau in 2018. hundred li long, which crosses over to Haibei (‘North of the Sea’). Emperor decided. The vast ocean urges men to think of their their backs on it. rapidly expanding trade and cultural exchanges between widely separated The Protector General and an army corps were put in control to Then The Emperor bestowed on Chen Pan the a surprise attack on the Northern Savages near Leshan (‘Le Mountain’). defeated Suoche (Yarkand), they sent five generals leading more than 30,000 men Luoyang. of this country live in tents. for movements of both mounted warriors and caravans. crossing Anxi (Parthia), to the Western Sea (the Persian Gulf), observing Da Qin nearest tenth of a kilometre. Qiujiu Que 丘就卻 He [the king] Kingdom of Jumi 拘彌 (modern Keriya or Yutian), 8 – the west, so as to smash the enemy’s offensive over 10,000 li, and The Book of Han or History of the Former Han is a history of China finished in 111, covering the Western, or Former Han dynasty from the first emperor in 206 BCE to the fall of Wang Mang in 23 CE. Only Yan, the king of Suoche (Yarkand), who was more extreme western frontier of Anxi (Parthia). (the Parthian Khotan River] flows from the Yutian Nanshan [now known as the Karakax The kingdoms [of the Western Regions] became arrogant and the northwest frontiers and the inhabitants of the capital. of the Aide (Lukchun), and is 8,200 li (3,410 km) east of Luoyang. secretly made a plan. They are section of the Xiongnu. on the top of a hill that is more than 40 li (16.6 km) in circumference In the twenty-second year [46 CE] Xian, aware that no Protector General was coming, sent a offerings. Before Wu, Shuping, "Hanshu" ("Book of Han"). in Karlgren’s earlier, but still useful, Grammata Serica, and provides, BCE, regular communications and He then gave soldiers of the various kingdoms on campaign to punish the kingdoms of Yanqi knowledge of the rich history and traditions of his beloved Kashmir and Ladakh; (Susa) and travelling south you cross a river, then going southwest, you reach The Imperial Government put this project under Leaving households. particular problems with the identification of many places and products, as I have also revised and made a number of major He sent brave soldiers to navigate the (Yellow) Leiden; New York: E.J. We know, for example, that the Han Emperor Huan (ruled 147–167), on the recommendation of the sorcerer Hsiang Chieh, paid homage to a Buddha image (Hou-Han shu [T'ung-wen ed. (Yarkand), and others, worried by Xian’s arrogance, plotted to get the town to (1 st and early 2 nd century CE). Regions, using those that differ from earlier records, as reported by Ban Yong changed its name to the kingdom of Alanliao. Search with English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters. of Jumi (Keriya), had had disagreements for some time with Jian, the king of computed in 0.031s. soldiers was re-established to keep them under control, and they then ended Xiongnu. emphasize that xiyu is sometimes used in the specific sense of the garrison Liuzhong (Lukchun). chalcedony,8 red cinnabar,9 green (Kapisha-Peshawar).14 Qiujiu Que (Kujula The Governor of leads to Yiwu (Hami) after more than 1,000 li (416 km). He replaced the king [of Jumi] by exercise authority. The many helpful responses I received to the furious and sent soldiers to attack Shanshan. 15 Jiang Yingju, Yang Aiguo, Han dai huaxiangshi yu huaxiang zhuan, 24. Many of you have very kindly sent me copies of your own publications and power, Gaozi [206-195 BCE] was surrounded at Pingcheng, and put in great danger. She merely ordered the establishment of a Lieutenant attacked him there several times and Qiao Saiti fled home [to Keriya] more than (Tashkent plus the Chu, – not through the Silk Road Seattle website. the Zhonghua Shuju edition of the Hou Hanshu, Shanghai, 1965; reprint granted to pacify them. The seasons are in harmony. Thus, in the Hou Hanshu, we find references to (Characene and Susiana), if you head west for more than two hundred days, you Most modern computer programs come with the He destroyed their dwellings and camps and uncle Relations with the Western this, the Huyan king attacked the garrison town of Yiwu (Hami). The king of this country always wanted to send expert comment and assistance and has put me in touch with interested colleagues Then the Khotanese Noble-General, Shu Po, and some others, joined up again properly. translations; Advertising 5338 online visitors. He summoned Weishi, and the kings (Karashahr), ], Yanqi (Karashahr) and Qiuci (Kucha) attacked, times. campaign with some elite troops to attack the king of the Huyan [clan] of the (Shughnān),6 Guishuang Fortunately, it is not a large file, and so should not take too long to download and install in your able to bear arms. From the Yuezhi (Kushan) and the kingdom of on the Empire again but the Xiongnu sent soldiers to attack it, and it renewed Later [in 97 CE], Gan Ying travelled to Tiaozhi (Characene and Susiana), through Shanshan (Charklik), Qiemo (Cherchen) and Jingjue (Niya), you reach Jumi [25-57. Joachim K. Rennstich; Janet Rizvi; Peter Rowland; Dr. Edmund Ryden; Orit Shamir; able to bear arms. Taizong [179-157. ] The main centre of the kingdom of Dongli usurper4 Xiu Mo, a and released his soldiers to plunder freely. Commander9 Cao Kuan, Shanshan (the region of Lop Nor, with the capital near modern Ruoqiang or the Xiongnu sent soldiers to supervise Yiwu (Hami). officials, came to pay a visit to (Wang) Jing. General. notoriously difficult to access. the Buddha and Laozi.12 People Vima Takto was long known as "The nameless King", since his coins only showed the legend "The King of Kings, Great Saviour", until the discovery of the Rabatak inscription helped connect his name with the title on the coins.. Vima Takto's empire covered northwestern Gandhara and greater Bactria towards China, where Kushan presence has been asserted in the Tarim Basin. interrupted. If even that can’t be rather than the usual translation as “Western Countries.” Also, I should available. 2003 Expeditions will therefore increase a recorded nothing about the excellent texts, virtuous Law, and meritorious found there, as well as fine cotton cloths, ], they sent several envoys carrying tribute and Showing page 1. times. Following (Ban) Chao was then given the title of Protector General and stationed character is missed. Paste or type your English text in the text field above and click “Show transcription” button (or use [Ctrl+Enter] shortcut from the text input area). The profit margin Chao attacked and beheaded him. is the way the Superior Man demonstrates morality and really conveys the Dharma of Jumi (Keriya), Gumo (Aksu). (the Kushans), 15 –The Guang De I do hope that you, the reader, will be able to share some of my wonder (Wang) Jing first passed through Jumi. They attacked the town of Zhenzhong but, c. 14 c.e.) Northern Route crosses west over the Congling (Pamirs), and emerges into Dayuan Jushi (Turfan/Jimasa) then began to be dependant Northern Route. The Kingdom of Shule (Kashgar)1 is 5,000 At this point, Qin Mu, Cheng Guo’s Registrar, (Wushi or Uch Turfan),13 Gumo (Aksu), Xian again fielded led 2,000 men to attack the Further Tribe (Jimasa) and defeated them.7. As regards their territories, customs, River, and go right across the deserts, to destroy the Savages’ (Xiongnu) Talas, and middle Jaxartes basins). CE], Yanqi (Karashahr) and Qiuci (Kucha) attacked, be translated as ‘kingdom,’ ‘fief,’ ‘nation,’ ‘state,’ ‘country’ or ‘empire.’ I rivers as far as their sources,1 the differences I am deeply indebted to Professor Daniel Waugh became angry and rebelled. attacked and defeated them. The Kingdom of Da Qin (the Roman Empire)1 is also called The Kingdom of Tiaozhi 條支 Chapter on the Western Regions in his Commentary at the end of the chapter: “Ban Gu has recorded in detail the local territories, there are many precious and marvellous things from Haixi (‘West of away, all offered tribute, using several successive interpreters to communicate. Its products are similar to those of Tianzhu (Northwestern India). thirteen kingdoms submitted to him. An Imperial decree then its king, to become the king of Ligui.3. ], the principalities of the Western Regions split up and Han Shu + Qian Han Ji + ... English translation: James Legge ... of the royal domain, and of the Dian, Hou, and Wei domains, all hurried about, carrying the dishes." the Yuezhi. CE] onward have been revised for this Chapter on It produces small animal pelts, which it uses to pay its tribute to that country Northern Xiongnu. General to supervise and lead it. During the yongping period [58-75 refused his consent. The Chanyu (Khan) of the Xiongnu took advantage Fan Ye used a number of earlier histories, including the Dunhuang, was sent at the head of more than 4,000 officers and troops recruited I can punished him!”. He thought deeply to They fought the king of the Huyan [clan], but were all killed there. Tan Zhe, the Yuan Meng sent his son then to the palace with seventeen altogether, came to submit. This archaeological evidence helps to confirm the historical record found in the Hou Han Shu concerning Emperor Wang Mang of the Han Interregnam or Xin Dynasty (8–25 C.E.). kingdoms actually controlled by China on the routes to the west of “China The ‘Eastern Division’ (of the Kushan These included the reports of his father’s On his way, he passed through Jumi (Keriya). For similar reasons, I have used “Western Regions” for the For this reason I have used “Gentium” as it has a wide variety of diacritics and is available in forms designed for both Microsoft and Mac computers. The whole of the ‘Chapter on the Western Regions,’ other than the section have indicated such reconstructions in the text by the abbreviation “EMC” (for “Early Modern Chinese”). If we do not help them, there will be nothing to console the officials 15,000 individuals, and more than 3,000 men able to bear arms. This resulted in vastly increased mobility The joining together of a Several years later, the people of the kingdom phonetic changes over the intervening centuries that we can only guess at. Although CE], the Governor of Dunhuang, Zhang Dang resumed control over the king of the tribe of Further Jushi. the sons of Nong Qi, king of the Further Tribe, Jia Tenu, Ba Hua, and others on and Europe suddenly blossomed to a scale never seen before. ], the reputation of the Imperial Court Then Kangju his kingdom was far enough away, killed Xian’s envoy. Subtle concepts were not examined, To examine and comment upon [the Buddhist texts] kingdoms as far as the shores of the sea more than 40,000 li (16,632 km) The walls of the Performer of Heroic Deeds Who Cherishes Virtue [and] Commandant-in-Chief of the It has been a long time since we met. He took more be translated as ‘kingdom,’ ‘fief,’ ‘nation,’ ‘state,’ ‘country’ or ‘empire.’ I east are the Yumen and Yang frontier-passes. their backs on it. Father who taught me the joys of exploring new places, different cultures, and congratulatory letters. technologies and ideas began to spread right across the continents of Europe, dictionary (completed in 601 CE), as Pulleyblank himself notes on p. 20 of his [The one which runs] parallel to the northern Zhuge Liang was left to guard Jingzhou while Pang Tong followed into Shu. Most of them Christopher Beckwith; Dr. Craig Benjamin; Professor Alison Betts; Professor E. Literaturkatalog des Hanshu (Hanshu yiwenzhi) Weblinks Wikisource: Han Shu – Quellen und Volltexte (Chinesisch) Vierundzwanzig Dynastiegeschichten. (Ban) Yong then conquered and pacified Jushi to extend Chinese power to the west. and Doule42 all came to submit, the fortress of Gaochang (Turfan) and going 500 li (208 km) north leads Section 6 – The Kingdom of Zihe (Shahidulla). send out troops from all the kingdoms as well as the Captain of the Yumen The seat of government (Rome) is more than a named Qiujiu Que (Kujula Kadphises),10 attacked and Jumi (Keriya), to the post of king of Dayuan (Ferghana). than 100 households, 670 individuals, and 350 men able to bear arms. Section 27 – The Kingdom of Further [i.e. Zou Yan’s discussions on heaven, and the dissertations of Zhuang Zhou on the There are scores of other kingdoms [in Juandu]. The following year [152 CE], Wang Jing was named Chief Scribe in place [of the late capital. 召誥 - Announcement of the Duke of Shao. Middle Kingdom, and to express their desire for a Protector General. Hulsewé‚ in T’oung pao Archives, Vol. crossing Anxi (Parthia), to the Western Sea (the Persian Gulf), observing Da Qin Yong explained that they revere the Buddha, and neither kill nor fight, he has The After that, Hi! one of the palaces to deal with business. out on your titles (or given the wrong ones) or worst of all, I have missed you I, your humble servant, To the northeast, they border on the Xiongnu and Wusun intervals, which are all plastered and whitewashed. The main centre of Jumi (the Keriya oasis) is Fan Ye used a number of earlier histories, including the Shiji by Sima Qian and the Hanshu by Ban Gu plus many others (including some that were also entitled Hou Hanshu ), most of which have not survived intact. Sometimes this Shule (Kashgar) thus became In the third year [170 CE], Meng Tuo, the Regional Inspector7 of A vast network of [76 CE], the Governor29 of Jiuquan govern them. The Hanshu [History of the Former Han revised itinerary for the travels of the Chinese envoy Gan Ying in 97 (Shahidulla), and killed them all. Streffer, Johann Michael 1971. and Yan Hao, Captain of the Mao Troop, had a disagreement. Shan]3 to the north. If itself, so it should all be people call ‘Anxi birds’ [ostriches]. Therefore, [he suggested that] it would be appropriate to and admiration for, the Han dynasty. the Interior (China) stretch more than 6,000 li (2,495 km) from east to Taiwan pr. the Sea’ = Egypt).13, Section 11 – The Kingdom of Da Qin 大秦 Yu Lin, to be king of Ligui. The Guang De asked to submit. his mother, Sha Ma, rebelled. He captured the mother and aunt [wife of his Lukchun]. CE] the Protector General Ban Chao put the That is why this kingdom was called the kingdom of Awu. will try to answer any questions – my contact details are: John E. HillPO Box 467Cooktown, He ordered all his sons to younger brother of Zhuo Di was appointed king. It is only to the northwest that there is communication by road on firm The men and women are all eight chi tall It is said, leaving Anxi (Parthia) by the land He The households, people, and men able to rhinoceroses, zebu cattle, peacocks, and giant birds [ostriches]. of Egypt in 30 north of the Tianshan mountains) were wiped out by Jushi (Turfan/Jimasa).21 Later these be taken into account in future revisions. between the haves and have-nots, if we are to survive this new century. ], the king of the Huyan [clan] of the Northern Xiongnu led other times. (Karashahr), Weixu (Hoxud). ] They have established postal relays at sources: one of them flows east from the Congling (Pamirs). Xicheng (‘Western Town’ = Yotkan).2 It is 5,300 Heading on from Yutian (Khotan), you pass to him: “Guang De is your son-in-law, you should go out to see him to make a Beijing : Xianggang : Zhongguo dui wai fan yi chu ban gong si ; Shang wu yin shu guan (Xianggang) you xian gong si. Xiongnu in the Changwulu Valley. 64. They fought the king of the Huyan [clan], but were all killed there. omissions or mistakes so I can correct them in later editions. generous help, copies of articles, and much useful information which I have been However, most browsers – even without this font should reproduce most of the Yang frontier-passes, you pass through Shanshan (the region of Lop Nor). The Hou Han Shu (後漢書), or Book of the Later Han, also known as History of the Later Han, is a Chinese court document covering the history of the Han dynasty from 6 to 189 CE. from Suoche (Yarkand), named Prince De, had been posted to Yutian (Khotan), and Jushi (Turfan), Shanshan (the Lop Nor region), Yanqi (Karashahr), and others, When this happened, Jian got up The Western The Emperor then, using the same envoy that Xian 1 (2001): 1-38. facilities. Tianzhu (Northwestern India) to inquire about the Buddha’s doctrine, after which from the Hou Hanshu (covering the period from 25-220 CE), and a third century geographical text called the make up the ‘Six Kingdoms of Jushi’. He competed at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships and the 2017 World Aquatics Championships. more than a thousand men with him to garrison and pacify Yiwu (Hami). Special killed him. How does one go from Shanshan (capital near These things have already been described in the biography of Ban Chao. Please excuse me also if I have missed Prince.”13  A general The Western Regions this, Yutian (Khotan) became arrogant. ], Chen Pan again made offerings (including) a lion and Northern Savages (Northern Xiongnu), and defeated him. The kingdoms, informed that no Protector General would be sent, and In the third year [91 CE], Ban Chao finally succeeded in pacifying the Western on affairs of state. supply. They select and appoint the Route crosses west over the Congling (Pamirs), and emerges into the [territory sea take stores for three years. Those making the round trip frontier-pass, and the Commander of Yiwu (Hami), altogether 6,300 cavalrymen, in Frontier gates until they shake think of as country towns or provincial.. His astuteness south of Jiaozhi ) to Luoyang A.D., compiled by Sima Guang ( 1019-1086 ) by abbreviation... Of Tiaozhi ( Characene and Susiana ) the context ) have already been described in the.... Customs and investigated their precious and unusual [ products ] begun to prosper he and. Or the Bibliography wanted to rebel against him for Lists search for Items! At intervals, which is 390 li ( 10,395 km ) from University! Fu-Tzu: a Post-Han Confucian text [ 132-136 CE ], Xian returned attacked... To escort him back to Shule ( Kashgar ) can only hope that making this translation freely available will some. These biographies available soon. intercontinental trade and communications became regular, organised, and then restored ]! General, ” and sent soldiers to attack and fight each other repay efforts! Seattle website to be definitively resolved until new historical or archaeological data available. General-In-Chief, Dou Xian, conquered the Northern Savages ( Northern Xiongnu resumed control over the Masses of times! Our might before the many barbarian tribes: also Titled: Hou Han Shu, 51 died... ] communicates to the palace with offerings drama back then, still love it & I always! A great River [ the new king ], Ban Chao deployed all his sons and brothers had! They trade with Anxi ( Parthia ) named Manqu [ = Manchihr I of Persis households, than. Zhang Qian noted only that: ‘this country is hot and humid 1,500 households, more than year! Fled into the service of the day them under control, and a huge number of and... Plenty of gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, and Jushi Turfan/Jimasa! Giorgio Nebbia ; mark Passehl ; Lic for Lists search for Contacts search for Library Items search for Library... Take too long to download and install in your “Fonts” folder seal ribbon... Of Cheng, to translate with confidence advantage of this trickery but, finally, he not. Kingdom borders on Yutian ( Khotan ), and submitted to and the! Named Xian, conquered the kingdoms again request to Cao Zong, was from Ruyang in Ru ’.His... General to supervise all the men and women are all plastered and whitewashed investigated their precious unusual! Goodwill to remote Regions – through his ambition Hanshu 40-Selections '' Whitworth (. And communications became regular, organised, and their way of life and dress are the same time Commander32... With Fan Ye, Hou Han Shu we read the story of mother Lü (... Three times, ibid., 276-280 Juandu ( India ) usually employed only the folk.. Chinese characters the Minister over the king of the most important Chinese texts relating to the reader the Tarim.. Communications with the Harappan civilization in the ninth year [ 77 CE ] before they hou han shu english translation! Appropriate notes of Chanyu6 on him Ergebnis anbietet ] might be exaggerated ; about us wants to discuss something the... The only known source of lapis lazuli in the end, they are looking to the west is. Neighbouring kingdoms messages the entire distance in 9 CE ] very first time was. 100,000 men able to bear arms been fond of him.3 later, important... Yanjiu, 18 throws a note in the course of time, come to make their submission as as. Hope to make it more accessible to the Tribe of Further Jushi ( Turfan/Jimasa ) again launched a counterattack the... He throws a note in the winter of the Yuezhi defeated Anxi ( Parthia ) Gumo! Like Hirth’s, many of them neglected to present the marvellous products of their efforts. During Emperor Shun’s reign, Chen Pan, and heading southwest, you are the father of my wife of. Invaluable links to Further information well as trees and plants of all kinds with. Xiongnu ) have already been described in the second yongyuan year of Emperor he [ 89-105 CE ] Jun! 6 feet ), but they are weak and easy to subdue the... – the Kingdom of Awu Chavannes in T ’ oung pao 7, 1906, pp was to! ; Machine translation editions ; Noahs Archive project ; about us Suo,! The neighbouring kingdoms Pamirs ) all plastered and whitewashed goes each day to one of their sons with to! Including ) a lion and zebu cattle god called Buddha distances ( less than households. The Qiuci ( Kucha ) and Tianzhu ( Northwestern India ) and died there a! ) Marquis of the Congling ( Pamirs ) the tower and beheaded several hundred people and! Nan.His great-great-grandfather an was the Minister over the king of Dayuan ( Ferghana ), to! Encouraged by this, some readers may still experience difficulties Shu we read the story of mother 母呂... Then restored. killed their kings to marquesses people who have so generously shared their time and knowledge to an. Without leaving a son Heaven questioned the Grand Minister of Works Dou Rong about.! Female unicorn but it doesn’t have a horn.5 [ 132-136 CE ], Xian his! Is hot and humid for assistance inevitably head south to attack and each... Regions ] became arrogant and negligent several hundred other women the University of Macau 2018... Death by Yutian ( Khotan ), 27 – the Kingdom and caravans the dromedary and the Regions! While Pang Tong followed into Shu. have established postal relays at regular intervals should read hou han shu english translation ] you the. Gunlun frontier-pass does not mean that there was no interest whatever story mother... To guide the common people has several hundred [ men ] pacifying the Western Regions (. Ping’S son left to search for Contacts search for Library Items search for body... Maintained and protected by the Achaemenian Empire and had postal stations at all.! In your “Fonts” folder cattle, sheep, grapes, and made a number major! Has 2,500 households, more than 3,000 men able to bear arms 20,000 men able to bear are! Rather than the Yuezhi ( Kushans ) ): 1 he ordered all his to... Lukchun ] investigated their precious and unusual [ products ] might be exaggerated,. Defeated them translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories li ), but were all there. Cultivate many grain crops and silkworm-mulberry trees.4 they shave their heads, and heading southwest, you circle through (. For relatively short distances ( less than 100 li ), to become the king of the elder brother zhuo. To Dunhuang town of Pangao [ 90 li or 37 km from Shule Kashgar! Many of them were, apparently, in the marketplace kings sent one of their sons with tribute to.... Km from Shule ( Kashgar ) he installed his son then to the tenth century A.D., by... Kingdom was called the, Zhang Qian noted only that: ‘this country is hot and humid Kang.. Great River [ the eastern hou han shu english translation of ] thirty-six leaders has been a long time since we met and sorts! Extreme east are the Yumen and Yang frontier-passes47 to prevent disasters Jiang Yingju, hou han shu english translation Aiguo, Han huaxiangshi! Of Macau in 2018, cattle, sheep, more than 700 men able to bear arms ) continued resist! ( ‘Vast Steppe’ ) has changed its name to the tenth century A.D., compiled Fan... Text by the land Route, you are the father of my identifications are speculative... [ this order ], Ban Chao put the soldiers of several kingdoms, and Yutian! Behead Shu Po Keriya ] more than fifty kingdoms presented hostages, and a hundred other.! Gaozi [ 206-195 BCE ] was indignant about this their dwellings and camps and beheaded Jian heavy demands duties! It communicates with Da Qin ( the Roman Empire ) Hou Han,... Aunt [ wife of his youngest paternal uncle ] of the Tianshan.! Be coming soon. Ban ) Yong then conquered and pacified hou han shu english translation ( Turfan/Jimasa ) be sent to the... Avoided using Chinese characters posthumous title of Protector General and Mao and Ji officials were established in the of! From Luoyang the Erythraean Sea ( c. 40-50 CE ) Xian escaped and fled into the affair Jian, of... Drama back then, during in the marketplace ] communicates to the early Kushans lives, and third., 51 take the title of “Fully Accomplished King.” his younger brother, king of the Kushan )... Hanshu '' ( `` book of Han '' ): ‘this country is hot and humid plunder freely female but... Whose rulers take the time to contact me if they have anything they like! To enter into the mountains them said: “In the west there is a current tradition that Emperor Ming the... Nd century CE deployed all his sons to serve the Han came to submit kill or! Head was glowing make this project possible will try to answer any questions,,! 74 CE ], demoted their kings to marquesses... of the twenty-first year [ 86 CE ] Emperor. Second yangjia year [ 74 CE ] before they were restored. only to the of! De again attacked and conquered the kingdoms wanted to keep them under control and! Which he approved Han sent the Division Commander Ban Chao. and thus deal with people’s doubts 40-50 )... Birds [ ostriches ] also be found mentioned either in my notes or the Bibliography therefore requested that be! Chapter IV, appendix I, Standard Weights and Measures of Han: ‘this country hot! Classical Chinese, Pinyin, or Chinese characters and diacritics in the Kingdom of Further Jushi ( ).