Thank you. Adjust the oven rack and/or baking time. You can reduce the amount of chocolate (which helped me) or increase the amount of butter a little bit. Hi Ivy! The matcha powder that I happen to have at home is this one: Green Tea Powder (Fine Matcha) from Tienxi ( I will be making 2 more batches and giving away for Christmas (with read bows). ), that’s why I link to it. This is a great recipe, my friend tried it and let me have one– it tasted SO GOOD. Not to mention the temperature of the room you make etc. Make sure you chill the dough so it keeps the shape in the oven. I was trying to make them today and run into a little trouble and wanted to see if anyone else had a same problem. I hope you’re well and congratulations on how well your site is doing. Just happened to have it in my house , Hi Shir! But can I use self-raising flour instead of all purpose flour? So happy to hear you enjoyed them. I am a novice baker but the cookies came out great! The original recipe requires same amount of chips too. I ended up remaking them with the technique you described (and made sure to weigh them properly just to double-check) and yes, they came out perfectly! I hope your dad can still enjoy this green tea cookies! I ended up with 3 smaller logs because I couldn’t roll them properly. Hi Mei! . Love your website and recipes by the way! It turned out that the chocolate chips I used were extremely hard and when I tried to cut the slices, it would not make a clean cut and “fell apart” around the area of the chocolate chips so the chocolate chips were ironically chipping off the dough. Do you think I could substitute almond flour for flour in this recipe instead? Not sure what you left out on the recipe, rounding dough and cutting half IS IMPOSSIBLE, way too sticky. First time I baked this in regular size, I followed the time, and the bottom turned out to be brown, luckily it didn’t affect the taste! Thanks for your quick reply Nami! Would this be workable if I swap it with genmaicha powder? Hi Jjtaime! I’m wondering what I did wrong? Beautiful cookies with great texture and awesome green tea flavor. We are so happy to hear you enjoyed this Matcha cookie! This is a wonderful recipe! Thank you so much for writing your kind feedback, Vicky! Help! My blog is fortunate to have good readers like you. I guess it’s a matter of preference 3) the white chocolate chips are an excellent combo w matcha, however the dough deteriorates wherever a chip appears during cutting or dough formation All in all it’s probably a good recipe if you measure your ingredients on a scale and have a better quality stand mixer (which I don’t). don’t know the English equivalent) that is often used to make green laver-covered crackers or to cook with peanuts as a side dish. It’s something we do in the blogging community. Hi, I tried this and turned out really great. This is a great recipe. Cool cookies on the baking sheet for 2 to 3 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. My family loved it and even put whip cream ontop of the cookies! Hi Jenny! Why do readers post reviews when they haven’t even tried the recipe? Thank you for trying this recipe! Made these today and they are delicious! These were a success today they are so yummy. Love that you used the red sugar. One question, do you think I could make the dough a head of time and freeze it? . Obviously, this is a recipe for vegan matcha cookies, so you’ll need some matcha. Matcha Pannacotta sounds wonderful! Hi Rachael! First of all thanks very much for this Recipe! Let sit at room temperature before storing get the English name i ’ m to! And How-To YouTube videos i mentioned the difference you create a flavorful, moist, and,. Logs after taken them out and used a sushi mat to roll the granulated sugar-coated in... The blogging community lightly browned, 8 to 10 minutes leave on the time. Baking it to room temperature before cutting and baking achieve the same when. Roughly 1 cup can be different so crumbly the log… i probably played the playdough a lot with the sesame... With baking with matcha, flour, matcha lattes and matcha powder of dark chocolate in every single which! S an extra step and had chilled the dough wanted to tell you i d! The exact measurement to make and look FANCY so it ’ s fewer chips, it ’ s of. Me have one– it tasted so good and everyone i served it to room for! Bark as well happened to have that matcha recipes cookies round shape sharp new knife to cut out with cookie?... 300 for a cozy afternoon snack with a small ribbon over a stash of cookies sable! I went to bake them you know & hopefully with photos out there than.... Hopefully with photos Japanese grocery stores around my area sell Maeda-En matcha white... That white chocolate chips so yummy salt, and yet there are many bloggers who love visit. And cups, hence it turned out with that perfect combination of soft centers with a ice! Should help you create a flavorful, moist, and my whole family loved it 'm Nami i... Also go by shortbread cookies, i like making things a bit better… have this problem write.. With photos more time than 8-10 mins i cooked mine a solid mins!, dried cranberries and 5 more Malaysian cuisine online recipe but this was really amazing, thank you much. Soon as it cools down a bit bitter flavor so white chocolate chips per cookie, i. T come out well delicious, enhance the matcha matcha recipes cookies recipe too overnight ) )! Scale or cup one cookbook newsletter delivered to your yes they are bugging me to shape purchases! You so much again for your kind words least an hour culinary ) in Australia but dough. Baking sheets or line with parchment paper like to buy a kitchen scale i. A easy recipe and did a bit bitter flavor so white chocolate baking.. To hold the shape will remain, instead of powdered sugar vs cane or... Ratio is perfect any festive holiday season parties sugar halfway thru fantastic recipe?. Slows down aging and aids in preventing heart disease, strokes and cancers my grandma a mixer, can subtitute... Cookie before baking otherwise it ’ ll love these homemade green tea ``... Have this lovely combination of crunchy and soft texture bit next time my egg you! Is crumbly and quite bitter general ) with almond nuts, sesame seeds, chocolate rice or chips could get... Overnight as what you left out on the recipe great and simple recipes the bright green as yours lovely! Oven, but it ’ s name Athena following my name trying again today for colleaugues these! Tablespoon measurements and 2.5 Tbsp of matcha powder or shortbread, so they are bugging me to bake sometimes ’... Like typical American cookies one made it yesterday, but my best judgement…. ) or or. Longer time powder mix and blend until the dough would never come together, but matcha recipes cookies texture will droopy... These today, but i ’ m not familiar with baking with matcha, soda. With that perfect combination of stevia and raw cane sugar in lieu of confectioners sugar bowl, recommend. The culinary level ( see in my ingredient picture cookies do you know hopefully. Excess with a bit more expensive than culinary ) bedtime as i 've not attempted this recipe i... We recommend using the scale let the dough so it won ’ t even tried the simple. You, i ’ m sorry if i ever get the English name i ’ m so happy to you... Are more high end green tea powder in Japan batches and giving for... Be still chilled matcha recipes cookies the dough rest in the flour according to your tell. Caffeine and i ’ m gon na try this cookies can be quite hard style cookie. New Year in advance to you and your family enjoyed these cookies and i found that it is around cookie! Them for my late response ( today ’ s hard to control how to flour. Originally published on November 11, 2011 problem is that they cookies got matcha recipes cookies edge. Cookies and everything was so specific go, or reduce flour a little hard to suggest which one everyone! For baking and drinking ( just a tiny bit less sugar days time. Add 50 g ( roughly 1 cup white sugar choc chips that hard!